The CADET Diaries-Episode 1

Did you know that in order to get a great career going, you have to know yourself? Your strengths, values, personality and skills? Over five thousand eager participants listened in rapt attention to experts Dr. Sudha Bhogle and Mr. R Dhirendra as they described what an exciting world of great opportunities awaited the youth after completing their degree! The 5 Cs and 1H were amply explained by the experts opening a whole new vista of career choices! How do you choose a career? What can you do to have the perfect job? When should you start looking? Interactive and informative, the first webinar conducted by EXPA CADET Program ensured that the participants learned and understood a whole plethora of careers that are available to them based on their ability and liking. Another exciting discussion was about self employability and entrepreneurship! Imagine doing something you love as well as being your own boss! Watch this informative, exciting webinar moderated by Ms.Hemcy Sharma, CADET Trainer, which had brilliant takeaways! A participation certificate, as well as a document with 100 career choices, was shared with our enthusiastic youth on the EXPA CADET App!

Episode 1 – College, Degree, What next?

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