Episode 4: Building a Standout Resume

Date: 12th July 2020, 18:30 hrs IST

We face a highly competitive world when it comes to applying for a job or an internship.
Out of the hundreds of applicants how would you get noticed? First impressions always matter and your resume is the first point of contact with your prospective employer! Are you confused about how to make your resume? How long should your resume be? What all should you add or not add in your resume?
Your resume is your overall personality and skill representation – Come understand how to make the best resume to apply at your first Job or Internship.

Ms. Sonal Singh

Founder – Rian Placements
Entrepreneur, Career Counsellor

Mr. Guru Prasad S
Sr. HR Recruiter
CADET Trainer

Ms. Deepa Krishnan
Director, Global Operations – Consleague
CADET Trainer

Thank you for joining us on our most interesting webinar!
Have you missed it? Watch the recording below!

It was lovely having over 1800+ attendees via Airmeet and Facebook live for our Defense Webinar

Some Takeaway’s :
• Episode 4 on “How to build a standout Resume” was a great success as our experienced panel of speakers gave us insights on how we need to structure our resume to get the attention of our Employer in the first attempt.
• Our Speakers Mr. Guru Prasad, Ms. Sonal Singh and Ms. Deepa Krishnan shared with us their own experiences of evaluating tons of candidate resume’s.
• They briefly explained on what are the pointers to be kept in mind while forming a resume and suggested that a one page resume is a goto for every employer.
• Our speakers also emphasized on the fact of how important it is to clearly portray our interests and achievements in the resume. Interests and achievements can definitely add a lot of value to our profile, it can range from sports to NCC to Public speaking etc.
One stand out point for all our attendees was on how to tailor the resume according to the job you apply to. We loved the smart questions that came in from our audience and overall made it an interesting session.

Read what our speakers have to say about their experience!
"Being a speaker at the webinar "How to build a standout resume", was an enriching and interactive experience. Not only did it give me a chance to converse with two wonderful and talented speakers but also it was a great opportunity to address some pertinent questions that individuals have w.r.t resume building. The audience was interactive and interested in the discussion, as was evident by the questions. Thank you EXPA CADET Program for this wonderful chance.."
Sonal Singh
Founder, Rian Placements
"Honestly, this was an amazing experience. Talking to a number of people on a day to day basis is one thing, but talking to a number of people while sharing what you have is a whole different occurrence. Being able to share the stage with these incredible women like Deepa Krishnan and Sonal Singh just sums it up to be an extraordinary session. This session will be helpful for the people out there on the process of "JOB HUNTING " and make things easy for them to hunt right. I'm glad to share what I had learnt and definitely open to learning more and sharing it out. And a very sincere thanks to the team that was working in the backend to make the webinar what it is"
Guru Prasad
Trainer, EXPA

CADET Diaries 8: Can you be the next Entrepreneur?

Always wondered how does it feel to work for your own self? Be your own boss? Work according to your own style? Be a starter, Be an Initiator, Convert your dreams into reality by becoming an ENTREPRENEUR!
An entrepreneur is somebody who wants to convert his/her own dream idea into a business, take action, and be a change in the industry and society. There are different kinds of Entrepreneur – Social, Business, and Technical and Yes you can be one!
Do you want to know how you can become the next entrepreneur? What does it take to be an entrepreneur? What skillset do you need and Where can you take that first step? 

Listen to our speaker’s guide on your journey of Entrepreneurship!

You can also be featured live and ask the Panelists any questions you may have. 25 minutes of the hour long episode is dedicated towards Questions and Answers to help you clarify any doubts you may have. 

Episode 3: How to join the Defence Forces?

Have you always dreamt of wearing the olive uniform? Or wish to touch those skies? Or walk with pride as a Sea Warrior? And serve your motherland.

Yes? but if you are confused on where & how to embark on this journey, Then this is the right webinar for you!
Be it Army, Navy or Airforce, We bring to you a session to guide you to start your path.
So come tune into our webinar on 28th June 2020 at 16.30 hrs, Our Speakers Gp Capt. Nitin Welde (Retd) and Col. MG Venkatesh (Retd) will be guiding you with their experience through the journey of joining the elite armed forces

Col. MG Venkatesh (Retd)

GTO – SSB Bhopal & Bangalore
IO – SSB Allahabad, Director K&G
Group Commander NCC Darjeeling

Gp Capt. Nitin Welde
Helicoper and Fixed Wing Pilot
Leadership Coach

Ms. Rijuta Shanbhag
Trainer, EXPA

Thank you for joining us on our most awaited webinar!
Have you missed it? Watch the recording below!

It was lovely having over 3500+ attendees via Airmeet and Facebook live for our Defense Webinar!

  • Episode 3 on ‘How to join the defence forces – Hear from the Officers!’ had a huge turnout of attendees was no surprise! Speakers Col MG Venkatesh( Retd) and Grp Capt. Nitin Welde ( Retd) spoke brilliantly about how to join the armed forces and answered questions with alacrity along with sharing bits of their own experience. 
  • Most Defence Forces advertisements ask applicants in their slogan: “Do you have it in you?” Did you know that ‘it’ stands for Combat, Leadership and Potential? This was a wonderful eyeopener for the attendees! Topics ranged from the kind of documents one needs to carry for the SSB to filling up the PIQ forms truthfully and correctly. 
  • According to the officers, at least a year is needed for good, solid preparation for the SSB. This would also mean that aspirants could build their personality and inculcate OLQ’s which could then be fine-tuned and moulded with the right training, skillsets and experiences.
  • The attendees were also given tips on how to present themselves – besides having a great turnout, qualities like honesty and sincerity would also stand them in good stead whilst interacting with officers at their respective centers. We are sure NCC cadets can relate to this!
Read what our moderator has to say about her experience!
Rijuta Shanbhag
EXPA Trainer

“So initially i was very skeptical about moderating a live session with 3000+ attendees, but as they say ‘It always seems impossible, until it’s done’, same was my thought when i was approached to be the moderator. The session came with a pack of responsibilities which uplifted my confidence and taught me the art of multitasking.
Sharing the screen with experienced speakers Col. Venkatesh & Gp Capt. Nitin Welde was a very enriching experience. I take great privilege to have gotten the opportunity to moderate the webinar and carry forward their advice to all the SSB aspirants across the country. Although i was very excited and nervous, i thoroughly enjoyed being the moderator, Last but not the least I was so motivated myself after seeing the questions coming in from our young audience. Wish you all Good luck.


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Episode 2: Keys to Goal Setting for Professional & Personal Success

Date: 14th June 2020, 18:30 hrs IST

We all wish for a bright and successful future, but how can we achieve this starting from today?
Think about this!

Yes! with focus, dedication, and determination we can achieve that “successful future” through GOAL SETTING!

Goal setting gives you a long-term vision and short-term motivation. This process of setting goals allows you to choose where you want to go in your personal life as well as your professional life and also maintain a balance between both of them.

Easy to say, A life without goals is like a road trip without a map or a flight without a destination.
By knowing exactly what you want to achieve, you are less likely to get lost, and you will be happier and more organized through the journey.

So now you might have more questions, Why are goals relevant? How do we set goals? Should they be long term or short term?

All these questions will be answered by our speakers on 14th July 2020.

Mr. Vinay Sirsi

CEO, Ozone Experiential learning

Combat Pilot, Certified Professional

Ms. Gremsy Sequeira
Teach for India Fellow
Joint Secretary, EXPA

Ms. Himanee Kardile

School Counselor, iTeach

Trainer, EXPA

Thank you all for attending a successful interactive session on Goal Setting!
Missed it? Watch the recording below!
Over 1450+ ambitious attendees joined us on our second webinar via Airmeet & Facebook live!

Keys to goal setting for professional and personal success of the Cadet Diaries was an interesting episode where all nuances of goals and goal setting were discussed in great detail by our speakers – Vinay Sirsi and Gremsy Sequeira and moderated by Himanee Kardile.

Here we learnt how can goals be set, how to commit to them, accountability & ownership of goals, setting them into action, not being afraid to fail, experiment, create self-awareness, understand clarity, playing to one’s strengths and weaknesses – the speakers shared and discussed in depth.

Mr. Vinay shared with us his own personal goal setting experiences in detail which has raised the motivation levels of all our attendees, he told us how these big goals seem like a huge mountain but with determination you can definitely reach the summit. Ms. Gremcy gave us tips & tricks to perfect goal setting while maintaining a balance in our personal & professional lives. She showed us the SMART way of goal setting. With the amazing set of questions that attendees kept asking about Goals- it looks like our attendees are not scared to dream big but also have the zeal to translate them into reality!

Read what our speakers have to say about their experience!
"We are taught to dream and dream big. We are never really taught how to bring these into reality. Goal setting is the key to this. I enjoyed being a part of this webinar which outlined goals and goal setting. It was humbling to be a part of a panel besides the enigmatic Vinay Sirsi and compassionate Himanee Kardile. The audience members were enthusiastic and raised really important questions. I am glad to have been given the opportunity to elucidate on my thoughts. It made me contemplate on how I guide those around me towards goal setting. I hope I managed to etch some thoughts onto those who tuned in and have given them some food for thought."
Gremsy Sequeira
Joint Secretary, EXPA
"Being the moderator of the Goal setting webinar was a gripping experience! It gave me an opportunity to interact with a lively leader like Vinay and a compassionate person like Gremcy! I enjoyed how easily and in simple words, both of them explained the crucial points of goal setting, it made it easy for me to summarize the key takeaways for our audience. It was delightful to see participants engaging throughout, interacting and asking such detailed questions to get more clarity. Overall i cherished the entire one hour of being the moderator!."
Himanee Kardile
Trainer, EXPA

Episode 1: College, Degree, What Next?

Date: 31st May 2020, 18:30 hrs IST

As soon as graduation is nearing, we are all filled in with different thoughts in our minds. There is confusion, excitement, fear, and uncertainty all at the same time.
There are so many questions about how do I find my right career path? Should I just go for a master’s degree? Or should I pursue my passion? Does my Skillset matter?
These are all valid questions for one to think about!
So come tune into our webinar on 31st May 2020 at 18.30 hrs, Our Speakers Dr. Sudha Bhogle and Mr. Dhirendra will be giving you insights on what can be done after college, How you can make these decisions for yourself based on your unique personality.

Dr. Sudha Bhogle

Professor, Career Advisor, Head

Educafe Student Solutions

Mr. R Dhirendra
President, EXPA
Founder, Eduqity Career Technologies

Ms. Hemcy Sharma
Trainer, EXPA

Thank you for joining us on our first webinar!
Have you missed it? Watch the recording below!

Over 4000+ attendees joined us for our first episode of Cadet Diaries via Airmeet & Facebook!

Everybody listened in rapt attention to experts Dr. Sudha Bhogle and Mr. R Dhirendra as they described what an exciting world of great opportunities are awaiting the youth after completing their degree, They also gave us exposure into the world of Entrepreneurship & Self Employability! The 5 Cs of communication and 1H were amply explained by the experts opening a whole new vista of career choices. Interactive and informative, the first webinar conducted by EXPA CADET Program ensured that the participants learned and understood a whole plethora of careers that are available to them based on their ability and liking and they are independent to make their own career choices.

Also to top it all a document with 100 career choices, was shared with our enthusiastic youth on the EXPA CADET App!

Read what our moderator has to say about her experience!
Hemcy Sharma
EXPA Trainer

“So this was the first time ever in my life I was moderating a seminar this huge, be it online or offline, and that feeling brought butterflies in my stomach. This is one of the reasons I actually signed up. Moreover, this was the first ever webinar by EXPA and i felt more responsible to make it amazing. The pre-webinar practice sessions were a boost to my self-confidence and above everything it was meeting such amazing personalities like Dr. Sudha and Drin, to get to know their stories it was so enriching. The brainstorming sessions were also quite a learning, as I got to witness what it takes to put up a webinar. The strategies, the questions, making it look like a conversation, managing the participants, there are n number of things that go into running this show. Though i faced network issues on the day of the program, but as a team we managed really well and we did put up a good show for our attendees.”