EXPA India

EXPA (NCC Exchange Participants Association of India) is a Society registered under the Karnataka Societies Registration Act, 1960, in Bangalore, Karnataka.
EXPA’s members are NCC cadets who have traveled abroad on the NCC Youth Exchange Program, whereby selected cadets participate in a country-to-country exchange of cadets belonging to youth organizations of friendly countries. The YEP, in place since 1979, has included an estimated 5,000 cadets over the years.


  • To develop confident and articulate NCC cadets.
  • To develop the youth of India towards becoming responsible citizens.
  • To assist the NCC in developmental activities
  • To create a forum for Ex-NCC Cadets and to promote International understanding via developmental activities.

Today, there are over 5,000 such ‘EXPA’s all over the world, aged anywhere from the mid-fifties to the still-in-college twenties. EXPAs today are in various domains of Defence, Govt., business and technology.