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EXPA CADET Program – an Addiction!

Sounds strange, right? Let me explain. During my school and college days, I was very passionate about NCC as all CADET trainers were, and, as most NCC cadets, then & […]

My Journey Back Home: To India and to Learning

Hello everyone,  I am writing this to share an experience here. It happened like this. I attended RDC camp in 1996 and gave the Guard of Honor to Mr. P […]

Sariitha Shenoy at Kamptee OTA

Giving Advice

As a CADET trainer for the NCC, I work with young people (19-21 y-o) on some weekends of the year, talking to them about soft skills and how important these […]

How CADET helped me overcome my inhibitions…

Fathima RoseTrainer Youth Exchange Program 2017

A story of desire and belief…

To succeed in life and achieve your goals, you must understand and master two mighty forces- desire and belief.The 2-day C-TOP course at the Raxa Academy, Ananthpur has instilled in […]

Motivation, learning, and inspiration…

अभी तो जाग रहे हैं चराग़ राहों के,अभी है दूर सहर थोड़ी दूर साथ चलो! -अहमद फ़राज़For me, this sher sums up the purpose, mission, and vision of the CADET […]