Experiential Training

We focus on 21st Century skills that youngsters can use in a career of their choice

Diverse Audience

NCC is one of the best representations of India in terms of diversity. We train cadets from all regions across verticals and horizontals.


With these cadets entering the workforce in 1-3 years, our focus is on enabling them in their road to be more employable.

Literacy vs Employability: The Reality

Rising literacy in India over the past two decades has coincided with a surge in unemployment among skilled individuals. It is therefore imperative to prioritize and invest in comprehensive employability training programs that focus on developing the specific soft skills and competencies required for today’s rapidly evolving job market.

The CADET Story

Enter - The CADET Program

The CADET Program is dedicated to enhancing employability among young individuals aged 18-24 through targeted training in Critical Thinking, Communication, Ethics, and Gender Sensitivity. By equipping them with these essential skills, we empower participants to excel in this competitive job market. The program plays a crucial role in shaping a more skilled and inclusive workforce in India.

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