Great lessons, simple ways…

Wishing to join the NCC family in another way, I decided to attend C-TOP 3. On 19th noon, when I boarded the bus to the venue, nothing surprised me much. It looked like there were a few young people like me with little experience in life but when we stopped for lunch, there arrived Deepa ma’am along with other trainers who greeted all of us with a smile. That surprised me and the surprise turned into motivation after meeting Saritha ma’am, Shivani ma’am, Sumi ma’am and Sudha ma’am. They were all very young at heart and energetic people with tons of experience.
It was worth spending the 2 days at C-TOP 3! Though C-TOP trained me to become a CADET trainer, it made me learn some life lessons in just a couple of days. Youngsters Raj and Satya inspired me by their commitment and dedication to work and the seniors with their energy. The modules designed by the EXPA team imparts great lessons to cadets in simple ways to help them make their lives better.

Yogashree DJ
NCC Nau Sainik Camp, 2013

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