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Formation of the National Cadet Corps in 1948 through an act of parliament, was perhaps the most significant event that happened to the student community of India. Over the last 71 years of its existence, the NCC has evolved into the biggest youth organization in the country, crossing all boundaries of caste, creed, sex, society, and nations, symbolizing its motto of ‘Unity and Discipline’.
Only ex-NCC cadets can tell in brief the activities of the National Cadet Corps. NCC means a creation of disciplined and dedicated youth where their vibrant energies are channelized into making devoted and distinguished citizens.
C-TOP 3 is an unforgettable experience for me. The course at Raxa Academy felt like my second Republic Day Camp with participants from across the country. Everyone was with full of energy and excited to learn a lot of things in the camp. The EXPA organizers/ trainers were really outstanding, their teamwork, coordination, an easy way of teaching with examples, proper modules is appreciable. Also, their management was excellent. C-TOP brought us all together on one platform. We came from across the country as individuals and returned to our homes with the feeling of being a part of an extended family. I give my sincere thanks to all the members of EXPA who gave me a chance to be a part of C-TOP 3.

Sudhir B Deogirkar
NCC Republic Day Camp, 1991

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