Episode 1: College, Degree, What Next?

Date: 31st May 2020, 18:30 hrs IST

As soon as graduation is nearing, we are all filled in with different thoughts in our minds. There is confusion, excitement, fear, and uncertainty all at the same time.
There are so many questions about how do I find my right career path? Should I just go for a master’s degree? Or should I pursue my passion? Does my Skillset matter?
These are all valid questions for one to think about!
So come tune into our webinar on 31st May 2020 at 18.30 hrs, Our Speakers Dr. Sudha Bhogle and Mr. Dhirendra will be giving you insights on what can be done after college, How you can make these decisions for yourself based on your unique personality.

Dr. Sudha Bhogle

Professor, Career Advisor, Head

Educafe Student Solutions

Mr. R Dhirendra
President, EXPA
Founder, Eduqity Career Technologies

Ms. Hemcy Sharma
Trainer, EXPA

Thank you for joining us on our first webinar!
Have you missed it? Watch the recording below!

Over 4000+ attendees joined us for our first episode of Cadet Diaries via Airmeet & Facebook!

Everybody listened in rapt attention to experts Dr. Sudha Bhogle and Mr. R Dhirendra as they described what an exciting world of great opportunities are awaiting the youth after completing their degree, They also gave us exposure into the world of Entrepreneurship & Self Employability! The 5 Cs of communication and 1H were amply explained by the experts opening a whole new vista of career choices. Interactive and informative, the first webinar conducted by EXPA CADET Program ensured that the participants learned and understood a whole plethora of careers that are available to them based on their ability and liking and they are independent to make their own career choices.

Also to top it all a document with 100 career choices, was shared with our enthusiastic youth on the EXPA CADET App!

Read what our moderator has to say about her experience!
Hemcy Sharma
EXPA Trainer

“So this was the first time ever in my life I was moderating a seminar this huge, be it online or offline, and that feeling brought butterflies in my stomach. This is one of the reasons I actually signed up. Moreover, this was the first ever webinar by EXPA and i felt more responsible to make it amazing. The pre-webinar practice sessions were a boost to my self-confidence and above everything it was meeting such amazing personalities like Dr. Sudha and Drin, to get to know their stories it was so enriching. The brainstorming sessions were also quite a learning, as I got to witness what it takes to put up a webinar. The strategies, the questions, making it look like a conversation, managing the participants, there are n number of things that go into running this show. Though i faced network issues on the day of the program, but as a team we managed really well and we did put up a good show for our attendees.”

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