My Journey Back Home: To India and to Learning

Hello everyone, 

I am writing this to share an experience here. It happened like this. I attended RDC camp in 1996 and gave the Guard of Honor to Mr. P V Narasimha Rao who was the Prime Minister of India at the time. I finished my B.Sc. the same year as well. Unfortunately, my father passed away as soon as I finished my degree and my dream of joining the Army soon came to a dead-end.

RDC 1996

In the following year, I got married and left to the United States of America with my husband. I was just 21 and wanted to learn. So, with my husband’s support I joined a computer course which took place in the evenings. Then, after three months I joined two courses, then three and then ultimately became a full-time student and I finished my associate degree in Information Technology in 2000 with all the top honors. 

Soon after, we started a family and had a daughter and then a son. We relocated back to India in 2005 without availing a Green card or Citizenship of America as we wanted to come back to our roots, our culture and country. We wanted our children to have an attachment with the extended family and soon I became busy taking care of my family, kids, and my in-laws. 

In 2019, one of my friends from RDC told me about EXPA CADET program where we go to camps and train NCC cadets. I underwent a training myself and joined the team. I trained NCC cadets in Ahmedabad, Delhi, Mysore, and Thamna along with many other trainers. I also trained Associate NCC Officers in OTA (Offices Training Academy), Kamptee (Nagpur) along with other trainers. I was looking forward to train in more camps but because of the pandemic that did not happen.

To tackle this, our trainers came up with online training module and I also wanted to join them, but I had lost touch as I had not used a computer or laptop after my degree in 2000! I told my husband that I wanted to train cadets online and he was sweet enough to get me a second-hand laptop. Unfortunately, everything from turning the computer on to using the tools was very new for me.

Thanks to the many trainers who helped me relearn how to use the laptop in just a day, I trained cadets of Bihar, Jharkhand, Karnataka, and Telangana. After 18 years, I used a laptop, which was amazing! Thanks to everyone who helped me in the process and feel proud about myself. Thank you all!

Jyothi GR 
NCC Republic Day Camp 1996

CADET Trainer

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