A story of desire and belief…

To succeed in life and achieve your goals, you must understand and master two mighty forces- desire and belief.
The 2-day C-TOP course at the Raxa Academy, Ananthpur has instilled in me the zeal and enthusiasm to conquer all my fears and emerge victoriously. This camp has taught me that living a life of excellence is merely a way of thinking and programming our minds with the kind of information that will set us free. The trainers have imbibed the sense of social transformation and teamwork in all the NCC cadets through pragmatic examples. The training was paraphrased, yet very eloquent considering the cadets from varying social backgrounds. The core motive of this camp was to provide some vital values which are also helpful in our daily life. The course also let me reflect upon the downright enormous impact on our personality. I convene the spur of positive energy and incitement to succeed and help the others succeed conjointly from this.

Priyanshi Tripathi
NCC Batch of 2018

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