Looking forward to joining those who make a difference…

I went to C-TOP III with the specific expectation of participating in a ‘Trainers’ Orientation Program’ that would enable me to get certified and contribute to the all-round development of NCC cadets. I was prepared to rough it out, focus and learn, and get that certification. What I wasn’t prepared for, was the impressive level of a simple, yet effective course module. I wasn’t prepared for the impactful way C-TOP was conducted that got even the most inexperienced, or out of touch ex-NCC cadets aligned to the program.
I wasn’t prepared for the vision with which the CADET program was visualized and made real. Most importantly, I wasn’t prepared for the wealth of energy, expertise, camaraderie and joint purpose of the Organizers and the Trainees, all packed into 2 days!
It was an eye-opener and along with wishing the CADET Program only success, I hope to also get to contribute.
As a closing note, I was musing along with a fellow Trainer-hopeful, on the mystery of the NCC and how it brings this change in an individual. I was informed that it was a matter of different perspectives on a single subject that gives knowledge, and knowledge changes one’s mindset. Guru, thanks for this!
Looking forward to joining those who make a difference…

Preethi Gopalakrishnan
NCC Republic Day Camp, 1993

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