CADET Trainers Portfolio

Achaiah PM

Trainer | Portfolio Head of Trainer Development

Very Grateful, Life has been kind. Hope to give back value through meaningful impact.

Anand V Rao

Trainer | Portfolio Head of Social Media

Believes only NCC has a complete approach to anyone's overall life calling, so start early. Drives to Learn, Share & Enable larger purposes

Deepa Krishnan

Vice President, EXPA | Trainer | Portfolio Head of Directorate Connect

RDC-1996, YEP-1996 Managing Director, India at Consleague Dreamer, Thinker, Visionary, Traveller, Work for society & being there for others.

Rajagopalan Varadarajan

Trainer | Portfolio Head of Technology

Product, Tech and Education

Saritha Shenoy

Trainer | Portfolio Head of Fundraising

Manager-Training and Development | Educafe Student Solutions Pvt Ltd | Been into education for 21 years