About The CADET Program

Story About Us
Where it all began

A yearning to give back

Over the years, EXPAs have been working on various social causes to support the community. In 2015-16, EXPAs came together to start an organized effort to give back to community that they gained so much from – the NCC. This led to the discussion with the then DDG of Karnataka and Goa which led to the birth of the CADET Program. Hear more details from one of the Trainers who has been a part of the journey since the start. 











Our Values

Exposure and Awareness

An important part of the training is the exposure to new ideas, opinions and methodologies. This not only exposes them to these new thoughts but also helps them in being aware of the job market.

Focused Content

The content for the training has been curated for NCC Cadets of the 18-24 age group and is designed in consultation with experienced Educators and Psychologists 


The program aims at sensitizing the cadets about themselves and their surroundings. From where they stand to ethical and gender sensitization. 


Where the money goes

All of the funds collected go towards training and peripheral activities such as new trainer recruitment. Apart from the primary expense of training itself, each year we onboard new trainers in the CADET-Trainers Orientation Program (CTOP). 


Be a part of the change.
Sponsor a Cadet, a Trainer or even a Camp


Are you an ex-NCC cadet looking re-live the NCC days while giving back to the community? 


Support us in our mission by referring us to your friends, families and heads of organizations, or by following us on our social media pages.